Top 5: Instagram Illustrators

Unique, versatile and poignant style | Illustration by Noam Weiner, in our top 5

Need some illustrated inspiration in your day? We dug and searched through Instagram for you, and here are the results!

Text Orly Kiryati & Rachel Rowland
Date 13th of November, 2016
Est Read time 2.5 min

We’ve all been there: You’re in the middle of a project, stuck or just in need of a refreshment. So you turn to your usual suspects: blogs, magazines, Pinterest. And... nothing. So then you think to yourself - “Ha! Instagram of course! My feed is always a source of inspiration.” But somehow that just doesn’t cut it anymore - you don’t get your usual kick from the endless scroll. Well - we’re here to the rescue.

We’ve compiled a list of the five illustrators you should be following on Instagram now - like, right now. Choosing only five wasn’t easy, so we had to follow some strict criteria. In the end, we selected five illustrators that we believe: 1. Post frequently, 2. Have a noteworthy symmetry or balance to their feed, 3. Have inspiring lives, as well as illustrations, 4. Are doing something beautiful, new and exciting. Go ahead, press that follow button and fill your feed with happiness again.

Ayumi Takahashi @r_you_me
Her delicate and feminine figurative abstraction balanced with large, colorful patterns are what put Ayumi at the top of our list. Born in China, raised in Japan and now currently residing in NYC, Ayumi posts shots of her gorgeous work that are strongly influenced by her unique multicultural background. Follow her to get a sweet peek into her lovely world, her newest exhibits or simply to bring a burst of delightful vivacity and sophistication to your Instagram feed.


#crop of a new painting. #tiny #fruits #pattern

A photo posted by Ayumi Takahashi (@r_you_me) on


The great Stuart Davis. #great #mural #color #Stuartdavis

A photo posted by Ayumi Takahashi (@r_you_me) on


Willian Santiago @willian_santiago
We love Brazilian illustrator Willian Santiago’s account for his minimalist, colorful and captivating illustrations of people: mainly women. His Instagram feed is checkered with his freshest watercolor paintings, with many snapshots taken directly from his sketchbook. It’s intimate, and tangible. While Willian’s work outside of his Instagram feed is extremely versatile, his feed gets us inspired by stunning floral patterns, serene landscapes and his love of fashion. And sometimes, we simply revel in his ability to maintain a gorgeously unified color palette and perfectly balanced mood throughout his entire feed.  



Coisa mais linda esse terrário que eu ganhei do @arthurcduarte ♥️?

A photo posted by Willian Santiago (@willian_santiago) on

Ana Albero @ana__albero
Born and raised in Spain, Ana has a knack for beautifully implementing the charm of past decades, rebuilding them in her illustrations with a touch of 1920’s cartoon quirkiness. Her recent projects range from commissioned editorials to fashion prints to books, and that’s not including the works she does as part of a comic collective called Edition Biografiktion.



Camilla Perkins @camperksillustration
Patterns, patterns and more patterns! This Brighton-based illustrator brings the exotic bright and bold in her fantastical compositions. Drawing inspiration from what she calls “encountered oddities, whether human, flora or fauna”, you can find traces of African textile, Pop art, and Matisse in her eye-popping compositions.


My print based on the Herero people of Namibia, part of the African Style Series I created for PMU this year

A photo posted by Camilla Perkins (@camperksillustration) on



Noam Weiner @noamweiner
Born and raised in Tel Aviv, and now living in Germany, this talent kickstarted her career at our own Wix Studio as a brand designer and illustrator. Today, Noam continues her web graphic design work alongside her freelance work which is remarkably unique, versatile and poignant. Ranging from political satire for newspaper editorials to simple, minimalistic kids adventure book illustrations, you’ll never be bored following Noam’s feed.


I illustrated the Olympics issue for kids magazine "Adam Tzair".

A photo posted by Noam Weiner (@noamweiner) on



I don't have a green thumb, so I need to draw my house plants. Poppy flowers ❤️

A photo posted by Noam Weiner (@noamweiner) on


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